Thursday, October 8, 2009


100 Vendor limit has been REACHED!.

Applications are now CLOSED, we can and will accept more for waitlist.

We may open up for a few more vendors, we are unclear about that.

Keep your eyes HERE for the URL's and hints!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Q) is there a board to put out?
A) yes check past notices or come to the HQ to grab one for yourself.

Q) hows this hunt going to work?
A) we have a HQ for this hunt, the hunt will start there, and will go on throughout the shops.

Q) what if i have a problem who do i contact?
A) look in the group, find the Officers/ Assistant Risk Giver/Taker.

Q) Whats this board do?
A) its a custom script i made to Give out the Application Notecard once we have filled i will update the board with info for the hunters.

Q) What if more then 100 people apply?
A) we will put most on a waitlist, but we might expand and allow more then 100 people in once the 100 fill :)

Q) this one person is being very rude, what cani do?
A) write to a officer or to Lacey PERSONALLY!

Q) when will i get my hunt object?
A) ALL hunt objects will be sent Monday Oct,19,2009

Q) when should i place my Object?
A) Midnight on the 24th( meaning Set it out at Friday night heading into saturday)

Q) But i wont be around on thos days to place it what can i do?
A) we CAN place a object for you with a special item until you are able to come back.

Q) i have to drop out, what do i do?
A) FIll out the Drop Out Form. you can find it here:􀀁 or go to the HQ

Q) I need to change the LM to my shop how can i do that?
A) Grab the new LM and put it onto a Notecard and Label the card "New LM for(your store name)"

Q) My question wasnt answered here, who do i ask to?
A) Send ALL Questions Via Notecards, due to this being a big hunt, we do get IM caps, so its best for notecards, also since most notes are new applicants, it is best to come by the HQ and drop it in the box.

Q) OH NO! i lost my hunt board, what do i do!
A) Dont panic first! and second, come by the HQ and buy the board for 0L on the wall:) we will keep it up to date for you guys.

Q) i lost some forms...where can i get extras?
A) come to the HQ all forms WILL be there and you can buy the box for 0L

Q) Will the board have the LM and the Info needed for hunters group?
A) YES it is for the hunters, so when it is touched, it will tell them the group to join, and it will give them the application if they are a shop.

Q) Will we be numbers?
A) Yes you will, your numbers are assigned as soon as we get your application

Q)How will i know my number?
A) there WILL be a notecard EVERY other day with updated names.BUT once you have your number, YOU STAY that number.

Q) My name is not on the list, what happend?
A) Your application may have gotten mixed up in the sea of applications, so just send a notecard to Lacey Sinatra to let her know your not on the list.

Q) Why cant i modify/Copy the Hunt object from the Info box?
A) that is only a SAMPLE so you can plan ahead on where your object will be hidden.

We suggest Placing the board out as soon as you get it.
Also keep your eyes on the blogs and make sure you are up to date on who is in, and who is OUT!.


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Welcome to the Hunt Blog!

First order of business, if you wish to join please stop in the Hunt HQ and pick up the application from the sign.

Second, this hunt is for ANYONE, children or adults.

Third hunt will BEGIN oct 24 and end nov 24!.

We guarentee it will go off with a nice big round bang ;)